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Value Based Pricing is intended as an invitation to engage in conversations about what financial value we place on the services and products we consume and our means to access them. How this differs from 'Pay What You Can' is with this model you have the financial means to pay the hourly rate but want to negotiate to pay less or you feel that my services are  actually worth more than the hourly rate based on your financial means. When a client decides they want to pay more than the listed hourly rate, what you pay extra will go to offset the sessions for  'Pay What You Can" clients.  As with most of my offerings, this is a living experiment of collaboration and by no means mandatory as you can opt to pay my hourly rate for one-on-one offerings.


We are often given a price based on what a brand/individual deems the value without much consideration for the consumers' input or means. Money is fundamental to our current society  but I find often we aren't  given the basic understanding or tools needed to navigate our finances. Much of the language around money is vague or in professional jargon that leave us with feelings of uncertainty,  confusion, frustration or inadequacy.  I spent over 20 years of my life working in accounting and bookkeeping off and on to find I was great at maintaining someone else's finances but tended to ignore my own for a story of scarcity or shame/anger would emerge until I worked to integrate these stories and feelings around abundance. 


I hope by engaging in these conversations both of us will gain a better understanding of value and gain comfort in discussing financial matters leading to more empowerment around our decisions.  At first, the conversation may feel uncomfortable , but I have found these kinds of conversations help us grow more confident in communication. As well, it can give us a path to discuss beliefs and feelings regarding money which may be a focus point in future work together. Your feedback will give me an opportunity to consider my offerings and their results and my feedback will give you an opportunity to exam your financial values and means.  If I find you do not value my offerings in the way I perceive them, I can exam where I can improve or it may be that we personally are not a good fit, as my methods do not resonate with you - which is also an important discovery. If you understand better what currently resonates with you,  you will have a better sense of what might be helpful for you on your path forward.


This invitation is a living experiment to see how this setup will go, so it is subject to change.

Here is the lowdown on "Pay What You Can' Pricing. 

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