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The ROLI website is a living creation of my spiritual process, artwork, offerings and experiments. Any tools or personal perspectives are offerings as points of contemplation or processes to try out for yourself, not absolute truths or magic buttons. I am a fellow traveler on this path and felt the call to share my experiences. I plan to share as much as I can free on the website for you to experiment with. My income will come from when others desire to work with me personally.


The spiritual process is a personal one and there are many paths to discover, some may resonate, others may not or perhaps there may come a time on your path where what didn't resonate will. My experience - so far - is that awakening is not some final end point to arrive at but a process of becoming. As much as parts of me desired some earth shattering change where I become exactly who I hope I will be, I am recognizing that everyday I can awaken to a new perspective if I open myself up and find the joy in the process (even when I am feeling stuck in my suffering and the chaos unfolding both internally and externally). It is easy to romanticize awakening given the stories we have been told of the likes of Buddha or Jesus - but I imagine even they would have much to awaken to in our times.  As the obstacles,  though stemming from similar foundations, are challenging in new ways - an overwhelming amount of external beliefs systems - past history,  present responsibilities and obstacles, and future prophecies we have to sifted through, constant external distractions with little space for self-reflection, a focus on the intellect and a repressive fear of our emotions with not much role modeling on how to transmute the energy. fragmentation and polarization on many levels of our differences (a few examples: shadow/light, masculine/feminine,  material/spiritual, human/divine, cultural differences). My path - thus far- has been one of healing, discernment and integration. I feel myself now moving into putting my capacities (gifts) into use for myself and the collective and a deep desire to connect with others on this path.


As for the current simplicity of the website, I have visions of how I want the website to look and feel. The basic elements of my words are really all I need to get started and the artwork will unfold over time instead of putting pressure on myself and taking the joy out of the process. Working with long-held perfectionistic beliefs of what a website must look like before it is published, I am imagining the site as a blank canvas to magically bring my inner world into view and to challenge myself in my artistic capabilities - a self-experiment. I am excited to share this process of stretching my capabilities and comfort zone.


What I want to emphasize most with my offerings is tapping into and expanding your own experiences as that gives you the evidence and empowerment you need of your own process - you have all the answers you need inside you. I believe my self-trust and intuition are my most valuable tools - otherwise I try to surrender to the process as much as I can. I have swung between awestruck, terrified, baffled, exhausted, and grateful by the rapid unfolding. 


I look forward to hearing how your path has developed and to learn from your experiences and gifts. I earnestly ask to not take my words, methods, and experiences and turn them into expectations of how yours 'should' unfold - they are offerings of another perspective and an experimental path of 'action' instead of more information with no clear sense of how to proceed forward.  I welcome any constructive feedback and questioning - as a way to consider alternative ways to awaken and to improve how I present my experiences.


Much compassion, peace, and gratitude to you all.

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