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little wonders of light dancing in the darkness

Rae of Light Initiatives is my offering of a collective co-creation - my purpose for the highest good. An intention to work together with others who are playfully and compassionately devoted to consciously waking up and coming out of hiding from the dark caves of our hearts and minds. From my experience, integration of our dark spaces leads us to truly embodying the light. The light comes when we can compassionately understand our darkness, accept our goodness and gifts - this self love leads to compassion for others.


It often begins by engaging with our internal world (me) - as it is the KEY to changing our external circumstances through understanding and learning how to engage with our own consciousness, emotions, energy, bodies, humanness and empowerment.  Our internal world naturally manifests in the external whether consciously or unconsciously,  As we resonate with our authentic self, tend to our inner children and unburden ourselves from stories that do not serve us, then we are empowered to manifest a world we actually desire.


As we have more internal space, we can move into relating and connecting (we), to put into action what we have learned about ourselves and how we want to show up in the world and for each other. Finally, we becomes us - where together we see and embody our interconnected nature and begin visualizing and creating a future based on the needs of humanity imbued with our gathered knowledge and innate wisdom. I do want to emphasize that these stages are dynamic and while in the beginning I believe they naturally move linearly - I notice that there are different stages I will circle back to - as a deepening of my understanding and to reinforce and discern how I want to engage with the process.


My overarching personal intention is to translate gained knowledge into wisdom - to share my personal journey through art and to experiment with actions that evoke changes for the highest good - to initiate a collective creation of a world where compassion leads and we can create with the innocence, wonder, and imagination of a child and lead from a place of unity, integrity, and faith.


I feel the need to emphasize that I am not an authority but a fellow traveler on this path -  I am offering the knowledge and wisdom I have gained on my journey and to remind you that you are not alone  - as this path can feel like a very isolating endeavor at times. 


This is my first blueprint of how I would like this collective initiative and my part in it to unfold - but I am also surrendering to the process and trusting the universe and my authentic/higher self to lead me along the way.


Spiritual Initiatives - First, begins with Me.

Together, we work with curiosity and intention to spark an internal light into your consciousness and to strengthen your connection with your authentic self for your personal empowerment. Aligning with your authentic/higher self gives access to your inner world and all it contains - the different personalities, inner children, past lives, values, beliefs, archetypes, familial, ancestral, generational and collective energies. Your quest after our session is taking the spark, keeping the flame burning while lighting your way through your dark tunnels after gaining a more solid sense of self.  Let me tell you from personal experience, it is the most #WorthyPursuit of my life. While most of this work is self-directed outside of our sessions, I am always available when you are feeling stuck but I want to emphasize a model of interdependence not co-dependency - as you have all you need inside you - you know innately what resonates with your authentic self. I am here to offer tools and the wisdom I have gain on my path as well as lend a supportive hand when needed.


My guidance is intuitive - stemming from my connection with the universe, my spiritual practices, my education in psychology, my own personal healing journey, my suffering, humanness and authentic self. I like to work holistically, utilizing imagination, energy work, embodiment, and art - always co-collaborating with what resonates with you. In the future, I'll be offering self-paced courses and free tools for those who prefer to work on their own. I certainly did for many years but also encourage you - when you are ready - to put into practice what you have learned through your connection with others - as it will take you even deeper into becoming. 


Social Initiatives - Then, Me moves to We.

Experimenting in groups to facilitate making space for personal responsibility, connection, and compassion for ourselves and each other. With the intention of building a community who values the human experience and their personal connection with spirituality, always coming from a place of respect for each other's differences.


Long Term Vision Collective Initiatives - Finally, We becomes Us.

Envisioning and creating blueprints to solve collective issues and enlisting the help and wisdom of others who also resonate with the issues at hand.  Finding the right people to implement the plans while encouraging dynamic incorporation and open source sharing of experiences. Ultimately building a global community together to continually reevaluate and experiment with making systems more effective by learning from the past, planting seeds in the present towards solving current and future social issues with the spirit coming from heart-mind centered intentions and shared integrity. This is my idealistic vision but my understanding is that by stating our hopes into words, we start turning the wheels of its emergence

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