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Spiritual Initiatives: One-on-One Sessions

This is my conscious, collaborative, and intuitive attempt to help ignite your inner light when you are new on your spiritual path or feeling stuck so that you can better navigate and integrate your inner world to feel more empowered in the external world. My personal viewpoint of the world is that every relationship contains dynamic teacher and student roles which are in constant motion between each other. Every human (actually I believe everything in the universe) has a source of wisdom to impart. These connections with you also help me to grow along my own spiritual path with the wisdom I gain through our relationship. What you are paying for is the value of my time and experience.


Social Initiatives

Over the course of my path, when I took steps out of hermit/comfort mode to reengage with the world - I would experiment with how I would connect with the world from a new perspective - with compassion, responsibility, and discernment. My social offerings will be experiments on how we can reconnect and support each other during and after deep inner work with honesty, compassion, and integrity. As these would be experiments to see what resonates with others - I see myself as initiating and taking part in my offerings in the beginning as a participant and facilitator, asking for your feedback and creating new ways to heal, grow, and thrive together collaboratively. To be transparent, all feedback will be considered, but ultimately I will choose the final format based on my own personal resonance as I will be responsible for their presentation. Initially, these offerings will be donation based but will move into 'pay what you can' pricing as they start to take a more solid form.


Collective Initiatives

My ultimate dream is to tackle collective issues in the future with others using consciousness as the starting point -inner world to external world. I believe that our consciousness holds the keys to many solutions - we just need an agreed upon positive intention. By decluttering generational, ancestral, archetypal and personal patterns, we can experiment with creating systems that are built with heart-led intentions, the end of needless suffering and a desire for a better future for humanity as a whole. I know this is a very idealistic dream but a dream must start somewhere for it to come into existence,  even if it is just seeds planted in my consciousness in this human form. I hope to be remembered - even if only in my own memory -  as an ancestor who tried to create a better present life for all of us and future generations.

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