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Initial Sessions @ $222 for 90 minutes

Rates for any follow-up sessions will be based upon financial means and negotiated value based fees. You can read more about my intention with Value Based Pricing here.


If $222 is outside your current means, please read 'Pay What You Can' information page and fill out the form - linked here. I plan to have 'Pay What You Can' days of service throughout the year as my schedule and budget allows. Keep an eye on my social media accounts for updates! 


The initial meeting allows us the opportunity to see if we will work well together, to speak about what you need help with, to run through a process together, and to negotiate financial fee arrangements for any future sessions - if we decide a longer collaboration would be helpful. Additionally, a one off session may be all you need to ignite a spark to continue working on your own.


Our collaboration may include the following work:

  • Strengthening alignment with authentic/higher self

  • Integrating your different personality aspects - discovering shadows, inner conflicts and inner capacities

  • Decluttering your consciousness/energy of personal, generational,  ancestral and collective patterns that no longer resonate/serve you. Recognition of the gifts these patterns have offered you.

  • Discovering your inner light and purpose

  • Creating your personal philosophy and values



The self-knowing tools I utilize include:

  • Authentic/Higher Self and personality aspects discovery, healing, and/or building capacities

  • Symbolism through self-story and archetypes

  • Intention setting and visualization

  • Intuitive movement, energy somatic work, breathe work, and meditation

  • Art in the form of words, images, movement, ritual and mundane life.

  • Ancestral, Generational, and Collective patterns


The tools utilized are done intuitively based on what seems relevant and useful to your needs. After our sessions I provide a synopsis of our session and the tools that were used and/or recommended for further self-exploration after our session(s).

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