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We are all on different paths to our definitions of authentic abundance. We may find our current financial means limit the experiences available to us. I have experienced this several times in my life, often leaving me feeling defeated. If you are committed to your self-growth, I do not want your current financial means to be a barrier. While I will not  be able to provide 'Pay What You Can' to every person who applies for one-on-one sessions, I will provide this option when my budget and time allow and if it seems like we would be a good fit to work together based on your request form answers and any email conversations.


At the minimum, I would want to know where you currently are on your spiritual path, how you are currently feeling stuck in your life, what ways you have attempted to become unstuck,  your intentions for our session (what you hope to gain in our work together) and how much you are able to pay for a session. 


How we set this up between us will be a negotiation which gives us freedom to be creative. I understand that negotiation might be intimidating (it can be for me too) but my hopes are that if we start having more financial conversations with others, we can feel more empowered financially - leading to more abundance. Here are a few ideas I can provide as starting points for ways to "Pay What You Can'.


  1. Set up a reduce rate based on what you are able to afford

  2. Payment Plan - we can setup a payment plan via a Credit Card I would have a file that would be charged on a agreed upon date. First payment would need to be prepaid before our session.

  3. Service Trade - if you have a skill that might be beneficial to me or my business (and at this time can be provided online), we can discuss a fair trade based on exchanging our services.

  4. If you are comfortable having your session recorded and shared online to showcase how a process can unfold, I will provide the session free of charge. This option can be coupled with a backup option in case you decide at the end of the session that you would prefer it not to be shared. You are never obligated and always have the freedom to change your mind. Even if you decide at a later date, you can always ask to use the backup arrangement instead and I will take down the recording. As well, I might decide that your session is too similar to other shared videos and opt for you to go with the backup payment arrangement. If you choose this option, a waiver would need to be signed stating that you agree to have your video shared for public viewing. 


If you would like to be put on the waiting list for "Pay What You Can, ' please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. I will be setting up a mailing list when sessions are available. Bookings will be First Come, First Served.


This option is a living experiment to see how this setup will go, so it is subject to change. If any changes occur to this option, I will make them known on the mailing list. Thanks a bunch!

Here's my take on Value Based Pricing

Are you interested in receiving a free session by having your process recorded and shared on social media?

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